The Safeguarding team provides comprehensive support, advice and guidance for Bishops, Clergy and lay people in churches and Mission Areas on all matters relating to the Church in Wales policy on safeguarding of children, young people and vulnerable adults.

Please ensure you are working within the Church in Wales Guidelines. These can be accessed on the provincial website.

St Asaph has its own Safeguarding Support Officer who, in partnership with the Provincial Safeguarding Officer form part of the Provincial Safeguarding Team.  This is a multi-disciplinary team with a wide range of experience, skills and knowledge to support the Church to stay safe.  The support officer role provides training across the Diocese and supports the Mission Areas in the implementation of The Church in Wales’ Safeguarding Policy.

Specific safeguarding concerns or the need to talk about an allegation are managed by the Provincial Safeguarding Officer.


Safeguarding concerns or complaints should be referred in the first instance to Elaine Cloke Head of Safeguarding: / 0292 034 8200 or 07787 244037. If Elaine should be unavailable then the matter will automatically be transferred to Fay Howe Provincial Safeguarding Officer: 07551 124219.

Wendy Lemon, Provincial Safeguarding Officer, is based in North Wales.  She deals with complaints or concerns arising in the Diocese of St Asaph (as well as the dioceses of Bangor and St David’s). Wendy can be contacted on 07392 391064 /

Joy Kett is Safeguarding Support Officer for the Diocese of St Asaph. Joy is responsible for administering the safeguarding programme in the diocese and supporting Churches and Mission Areas in training and development for safe ministry. Joy can be contacted on 07881 016186 /